Vincenzo Gambino | BrightLemon



03.12.2016 | 12:00 – 12:45 | A140

en | Intermediate | Coding & Development

During this session we will create a SSO between two or more Drupal 8 sites integrating them with an award-winning application written in nativa PHP that deals tiwh authentication called SimpleSAMLphp.

The aim fo this session will be to show how to configure two Drupal 8 sites and create an SSO between them.

We will configure a Drupal 8 site that will be our Identity Provider (IDP) and it will hold the users. We will integrate SimpleSAMLphp into the first Drupal 8 site and configure it as IPD. Then we will configure a second Drupal 8 site as Service Provider (SP) that will use users from the IDP to register or login. We will integrate SimpleSAMLphp into the second Drupal 8 Site and configure it as SP.

We will show how the SimpleSAMLphp builds, sends and receives data between two SimpleSAMLphp instances.

We will also show how to extend the SSO in terms of:

  • Importing extra field during registration
  • Update fields on profile edit
  • Update fields on login


Topics covered:

  • What is a Single Sign On and its benefits
  • Single Sign on and Compliance issues
  • Comparison
  • What is SimpleSAMLphp
  • SimpleSAMLphp workflow
  • SimpleSAMLphp request
  • SimpleSAMLphp response
  • SimpleSAMLphp response Assertions
  • Security improvements
  • Integrate SimpleSAMLphp as IDP in a Drupal 8 site
  • Configuration
  • Authentication methods
  • Metadata
  • Integrate SimpleSAMLphp as SP in a Drupal 8 site
  • Configuration
  • Authentication methods
  • Metadata
  • Login or register users from IDP to SP
  • Import field upon registration
  • Update fields upon login or edit profile

At the end of the session you will be able to install and configure SimpleSAMLphp as IDP and SP, integrate SimpleSAMLphp into Drupal 8 and create your SSO network.