Michael Schmid | Amazee Labs


From a service company with offices to a fully remote product company

04.12.2016 | 12:00 – 12:45 | A125

en | Beginner | Business

7 years ago we started Amazee Labs with a single office in Zurich. As a Drupal Agency we focused on services including development, design and consulting, like any other service company we charged hourly rates. This grew into two more cities: Austin USA and Cape Town South Africa. But still with the same main goal: having a local office were most employees are working from and to provide Drupal services.
Beginning of this year we started a new company: amazee.io, which provides a product: Drupal Hosting. Plus we don't have a single office, we are fully remote.

This session is gonna be a personal story of my experience as owner and CTO of these companies. I will share:
- How we are organised and structured
- What worked well in setup of a product company
- What didn't work well
- Roadblocks and issues we had to surpass

This session is intended for people that are Business Owners, CxOs and everybody else that thinks about starting a product company or people that just would like to get some insight into a slightly crazy idea :)