Floris van Geel | 040Lab


Scrum vs Lean in Drupal

04.12.2016 | 14:15 – 15:00 | A119

en | Intermediate | Business

Slides are up at https://dcmuc16.040lab.com/

Thanks for reminding me to submit a proposal Reinhard,

This session is a new idea for my wife is full into Lean, we discuss these concepts a lot at the dinner table.

My company is too small to do scrum, but we do practice Agile.
So the challenge for this talk is to lay out Agile and Lean practical implementations and to uncover their origins.
I imagine that all bigger companies and most of you, the audience, already know Scrum.

Focal points for this session will be on implementing Agile and Lean principles in bigger and especially smaller organisations,
taking into account the findings of CxO day at Druapalironcamp.com in Prague.

Continuous improvement, learning to be a Lean Mean Machine, where all revenue belongs to us.
This in Community spirit, with optimal contributing.

Combining best of both worlds into one solution :)