How DrupalCI Works

04.12.2016 | 16:15 – 17:00 | M105

en | Intermediate | Development Workflows

Everyone who has ever submitted a patch has been working with DrupalCI. The project itself is maintained by the Drupal Association and has a very detailed roadmap on where they want to go with the project. During DrupalCon in Dublin, I have been talking with a lot of engineers from Drupal Association* in order to get a clear understanding on how DrupalCI has been build. It will take some time to learn the way of working of all the different components, so therefore I want to give you a small introduction on the architecture of DrupalCI. I will also have a look together with you on what fancy stuff you can expect in the near future.

* I am not a part of Drupal Association, but I'm just making sure that everyone knows what they're working on. They do an amazing job on improving Drupal.