Matthias Schmidt | Newscycle Solutions


Drupal Intro including a Site building scenario as an example

03.12.2016 | 11:00 – 11:45 | M105

en | Beginner | Site Building & Content Strategy

This drupal sessiongives a short overview about drupal 8 principals. Also explained are the main 4 disciplines within drupal expertise, which are site building, theming, developing and configuration & site management. Then we get our hands dirty with some site building to accomplish the following scenario (This is the drupal live demo part). How to build a site which shows different content, depending on user roles Anonymous, Registered or Subscription. Here is what we will set up: User roles: Anonymous - sees only teaser of articles beside special “open stories”. Cannot comment articles. Registered - sees all articles beside some “payed content plus” articles. Can comment articles. Subscription - sees all articles. Can comment articles. Allow or deny post comments depending on user’s role. Create different article list Views based on user’s role. Display different Layout / Fields based on user’s role (only teaser for some roles). Articles flags: On content creation we want to have a status available to mark articles as free, normal, payed. Normal as default. It rolls up with an example module, illustrating how the open source community gets development done in a democratic way.