Sebastian Siemsen | Amazee Labs


Decoupled Drupal: Yea! But how?

03.12.2016 | 17:15 – 18:00 | A140

en | Advanced | Coding & Development

Decoupled or Headless Drupal is everywhere, generally we all agree that it is awesome and might be the future.

We all figured out how we develop, test, host and scale a Drupal only site. But adding a decoupled Frontend application to the stack brings new complexities and workflows.

In this session Sebastian (Lead Engineering) and Michael (CTO) will show what we have built for one of our current projects that uses React, Relay, GraphQL, Drupal 8 and more:

- How we combined Drupal and React through GraphQL & Relay
- How developers develop with Drupal and React on their local environments
- Testing and quality assurance measures for our backend and frontend implementation
- How we’ve set up our continuous integration and deployment system
- How we’ve set up the hosting environment so that we can scale the Backend and Frontend applications independently or together
- Where we see improvement possibilities of our own stack