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Component-driven theming workflow with Pattern Lab and Drupal 8

03.12.2016 | 17:15 – 18:00 | A119

de | Intermediate | Frontend & Design

Let’s keep things separated - Ever wanted to implement/prepare your theme without having a running Drupal instance?
Guess your backend team is still heavily developing all business logic, but you already have all page layouts available. So why not just start building them with Twig and Pattern Lab to have all your templates, styles and behaviors available before the Drupal theming process even starts. You can even let your clients have a look at the current progress with all frontend features available like responsive styling, JavaScript widgets etc. - all bundled in a browsable component library.

Even better: You have any other application framework using Twig as templating engine? Feel free to use the same basis for that!

What you will learn:

- Brief overview about the atomic design process
- What is this Pattern Lab, everybody talks about nowadays?
- Tools/Libraries that help you getting started
- Have all your templates ready? Time for marriage!
- Are there any caveats?!


- Steffen Rühlmann (steffenr)
- Thomas Keitel (hctom)

We'd prefer to do this session in german, but if there are many english speaking persons in the room, we can also switch over to english ;)

Click here for the slides of this session: