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4x High Performance for Drupal - Step by Step - Munich Edition

04.12.2016 | 15:15 – 16:00 | A140

en | Beginner | Coding & Development

This very successful session started its life 2012 at DrupalCon Munich, then was run in 2015 at DrupalCon LA and 2016 at DrupalCon Dublin and now it (hopefully) returns back to Munich!

It has evolved a lot since it started it life and even since Dublin a lot of new things have happened.

It is a fun and fast paced session that always has something new for everyone to learn.

And here is the description:

Your newly launched Drupal site is slow, what can you do?

This you'll learn here in a practical, easy to understand and useful way for both Drupal 7 and 8.

Drupal Performance can be divided broadly into 4 Categories:

- Server
- Client
- Modules
- Database

This session will show how to setup technologies for getting the expected base line performance for each of those and giving a good overview of what can be tweaked.

- Server: OpCache / APC, APCu, Memcache / Redis, Varnish
- Client: GZIP, Fast JS, Minimal CSS, Caching Headers, AJAX/PJAX, BigPipe
- Modules / PHP / Drupal Code: Common problems, XHProf (fast installation), Custom Caching, Block Cache Alter, Render Cache, Performance Core Patches, SuperCache, Chained Fast
- Database: Common Tweaks, InnoDB, Slow Query Detection, Slow Query Fixing

The session will show step-by-step approaches how to gradually make the site faster.

It is aimed at beginners and will give a broad overview to know where to look for performance problems and what to do.

This is targeted as a Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 session at the same time. Both audiences will get plenty of alternatives for things.

It will be great fun!


- How to do and how to not do performance optimization
- How to find the big pain points and low hanging fruits
- How to fix them
- All the tools and tricks of the trade


- Drupal 8 is the main focus and things have changed a lot for baseline performance
- The "What is caching?" explanation has been simpified
- PHP 5.5 / PHP 7 are newly discussed
- SuperCache, Fast Chained and L1Cache are newly discussed approaches for local caches
- Redis has been added as cache backend
- Default Varnish Configuration has changed
- CDN recommendations have changed
- BigPipe and streaming technologies have been added to the overview
- New frontend aggregation modules: advagg, agrcache, simple_aggregation
- New frontend tricks to lazy load Javascript have been added for Drupal 8
- New performance measurement modules: webprofiler, block_timer, heisencache, xhprof_kit
- Authcache has been added as Drupal 8 dynamic_page_cache replacement.


Fabianx is a Drupal 7 core maintainer and a Drupal 8 core contributor and works at Tag1 Consuting as a Senior Performance Engineer and Technical Lead. He is always trying to make High Performance as accessible as possible to everyone and believes that the whole internet should be fast.