Drupalcamp Munich 2016

After the DrupalDevDays in 2010, Munich will be the venue for a DrupalCamp again. On Dezember the 3rd and 4th 2016 we expect more than 400 developers, designers and administrators in Munich.


up to 500 participants  //  2 keynotes (Drupal + Symfony)  //  up to 4 sessions tracks  //  about 50 sessions, mostly held in English, besides some sessions held in German  //  up to 2 BOFH session rooms  //  spaces for around 120 sprinters  //  free coffee, tea and soft drinks all the day  //  free coffee breaks with pastries in the morning and afternoon  //  free lunch  //  vegetarian or vegan food will be available  //  welcome package  //  drawing with awesome stuff to win  //  1 free beer at the social event // tons of fun with drupal and our great community

Let's lern together

Better oneself and sharing ideas and knowledge

Drupalcamp Munich 2016

At the DrupalCamp the attendees will lern from each other, share ideas and knowledge and help on bringing Drupal to the next level. So every attendee can make his contribution to the Drupal community.

This camp is an international camp, so nearly all sessions are held in English, except some sessions for beginners are held in German. It is our goal to offer all users a plattform for exciting sessions, creative workshops and networking all about Drupal, Symfony, PHP and the web in common at the DrupalCamp Munich 2016.

(Photo: SirFiChi)

Drupal meets Symfony

Drupal & Symfony

With the integration of parts of the PHP framework Symfony and Twig as template engine in Drupal 8 the Open Source communities are growing closer and closer together. Part of the Drupal camp is focussed on the technical inovations, assets and drawbacks of Drupal 8. But, above all, it's time to meet each other! So the other big part of the camp is the personal meeting and networking of this big and great communities.

 In order to achieve this both of the Munich usergroups of Drupal and Smphony have joint forces to organize this event. So we hope we can offer all attendees real value.